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If you get the necessary help in your Social Security case, you have high chances of winning. It is the main difference between losing and willing the claim benefits. Therefore, it is not a small matter to decide to hire a legal representative to handle your case. The legal representative has the necessary expert and knowledge needed to help you will your SSI or SSDI disability case.

Where Can I Find a Good Social Security Disability Attorney?

Social Security legal representatives can be found in numerous listing sources. The Internet, the Yellow Pages, and the referral services developed by the state bar organizations can be very useful in locating a qualified disability attorney or lawyer. However, most of these standings do not guarantee that the lawyers presented are the active members of the state’s bar.

Nolo is one of the most prominent plain-English legal representation services. It also offers a broad range of disability lawyers who have the most comprehensive profiles. You can also use their profiles to select the best attorney to represent your case these websites will inform you about the attorney’s fees, education, disability experience, and their general practicing law philosophy. According to the internet site, it has acknowledged that all the listed lawyers have practicing licenses under the federal law regulations. They also concern that they have a good standing in the state bars. The attorneys listed in that website pledge to communicate with you on a regular basis. They will also estimate the cost and time needed to complete your case. A written fee is also accompanied to provide a contract that spells out how you will be charged and how the legal matter will be handled.

You can also use our disability lawyer locator to become part of our Nolo network. For this reason, you are required to enter part of the details in your Social Security claim and select the right disability attorney to contact you.

How Should I Select the Best Disability Attorney?

How can you determine the eligibility of a lawyer to handle your Social Security case with a lot of ingenuity? The process is simple. You can contact the legal practitioner’s office and ask a wide array of questions. First of all, be sure to ascertain that the lawyer is experienced in winning the disability cases concerning your particular medical condition.

In most cases, most Social Security disability lawyers are often busy dealing with other people’s cases. In the recent past, there has been an influx of disability cases in the system. Therefore, many claimants have this problem of trying to get the lawyers attention concurrently. Despite this fact, you can gauge the responsiveness of the attorney through a series of questions. During your initial contact in their office, you can ascertain that the lawyer is capable of handling your case. Does the legal representative sound experienced and knowledgeable about the Social Security disability cases? Does the lawyer return your calls if they are missed? You can also ask if the lawyer is not available during certain days of the week to determine whether your case will take longer than expected.

Non-Lawyer Representatives vs. Disability Lawyers

During the initial application stage, good representation at the first preliminary levels is paramount. The first two appeal levels can be obtained from a non-lawyer representative or attorney. Most of the non-lawyer representatives are former Social Security claims representatives and disability examiners. However, the appeal taken to the Appeals Council will require a qualified disability attorney, since the non-lawyer and lawyers are paid the same amount, it often makes more sense to hire the disability lawyer from the initial steps.

Regardless of the lawyer or disability advocate you want, an experienced lawyer often makes the difference between losing and winning the claim for the monthly back pay or disability benefits.